Patron Party With Cga In Soweto

Joburg Socialite turned musician and now actor, Cga Bopha invited me to his party in Soweto which was hosted by Patron.

I took my friends Hugo and Lebo along with me and we had a blast.

Cga was an awesome host who made sure we were taken care of all night. Damn, did I mention that this brother has swag for dayzzz. No wonder de gheys love him so.

The event was held at the Change Room which is actually a very nice venue. I was a bit worried after the disaster that I encountered at Panyaza about attending an event in Soweto.

People have been raving about Panyaza and I thought it was this classy place ... iyoooo! I have never. :)

Needless to say I have been reluctant to head South for any event but the Change Room is awesome. I wouldn't mind going back there again. I loved the setup in the VIP lounge.

There weren't any notable celebs at the event, just Cga's close friends -- some of whom happen to be in the industry too. Now that's actually my kinda scene. I hate these "celebrity" events where the usual suspects would be all over the show.

This was a laid back shindig where you could actually get to meet people and connect.

I do have to say though that I am still getting used to people knowing my name and talking to me like they know me when I have never met them before. Contrary to what it might seem like, I am actually a reserved guy.

If I seem a bit taken aback when you meet and greet me in that manner, please bear with me. I am still new at this. I am getting there... :)

Pics courtesy of Patron Tequila South Africa

Our host and the Mrs.

Thanks for the invite guys, my buddies and I had a great time.


Anonymous said...

Phil, is it true that Mrs Cga is pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Is Kiki aka Ms Cga pregnant??

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! #Deathby the comments! Cum' on people...his rumor has been going on for a long time now. If she was pregnant she'd be showing already. She's just misleading people into believing it.

Anonymous said...

How could she be pregnant with a gay man? The relationship is just fake to make people think he is not stabane. Another Japhta nd that Generations girl case.

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