Police Investigation Into Khanyi Mbau Twitter Nude Pics

You will have noticed that I have not commented on the Khanyi and her nude pic debacle. That's because I had no interest in further giving this silly and childish drama any more attention than it deserves. However,  I was intrigued to learn that the police will be investigating the source of the pictures as reported by News24.

It reports that a spokesperson for the Film and Publication Board - Mlimandlela Ndamase - confirmed on Tuesday that the police will be involved in the investigation.

In a tweet posted by Khanyi on Sunday she claims that her ex-boyfriend Theunis Crous is behind the privacy violation and that the pictures were leaked in order to "destroy" her.

She wrote:
"I would like @theuniscrous's Obsession with me end already, we dated yes, and had a bad end.. But ur mission to try and destroy me. (sic)"

Crous and his wife released a statement to the media in which they deny playing any role in the leaked pictures: "We are extremely disapproving of the distasteful pictures that have now been made public…."
'We do not condone or appreciate the actions of the person or persons who have posted these pictures on the social networks and in addition make no assumption as to who is responsible."
Read the full statement;

This statement is being issued to various institutions in the media. It is issued on the basis that while excerpts may be quoted in general editorials within the media, this may only be done on the understanding that the full statement is also published in the applicable publication.

We would like to issue an official statement in respect of the recent pictures that have been posted on social networks.

As a first comment, we would like to make it very clear that we are extremely disapproving of the distasteful pictures that have now been made public. When they were taken, no consideration was given to the chance that they would be made public and as such we are deeply disappointed that this has now happened.

We do not condone or appreciate the actions of the person or persons who have posted these pictures on the social networks and in addition make no assumption as to who is responsible. It goes without saying therefore that we categorically deny being responsible either directly or indirectly for having posted these pictures on social networks.

We intend to use whatever legal means are available to us to prevent this kind of thing from happening again and to ensure that our family and friends are protected from further and similar acts of such nature.

We will not be responding to any questions or assumptions on this or any related matter; primarily on the basis that we do not wish to lower ourselves to the levels of the person or persons responsible for this act.

We remain a family with deep love for each other, our children, family and friends and we will continue to work on these positive aspects of our lives. We would therefore appreciate it if our privacy could be respected in that we will not engage in any further discussion on this matter.

Your cooperation and understanding in this regard is appreciated.

Theunis and Primrose Crous

This is not the first time that nude pictures of the star have leaked online. In September last year a couple of lewd pictures were posted by a Twitter account with the domain name Boobsafrica.com.

Ya ne! What I still do not get even when the first pictures came out is why would anyone of Khanyi Mbau's stature in this industry agree to pose for such pictures when she knows they could end up on the net.

Whether Khanyi was in love with whoever took the pictures and did it in private surely she would  have been smart enough to know something like this would happen. We do not live in a box, Khanyi is aware of "leaked" sex tapes and pictures of celebs all over the world. 

Why then would she allow herself to be photographed like that when she knows the risk? 

That is exactly the reason why I have been ignoring the story. It just seem a bit too contrived for me. Whether it is her who leaks the pictures or not, it still baffles me that she would pose for them to begin with so in that sense it tells me she is somehow ok with what is happening. 

I am by no means trying to judge her or accuse her of anything, just merely pointing out the obvious. Anyway we will see what the police investigation comes up with. 


vumaaa said...

I just read on one of the blogs that this whole Nude pics saga has cost her a Job on RGB.

The Blogger said: "Contracts were already signed and ads were shot and ready to be televised, but due to the leaking of her nude photographs that dream came to an end and contracts were terminated."

Our celebrities are very impulsive thou.But bazobaStrong

And also this is just a lesson to many people.

PhilMphela said...


The RGB rumour was with the first pictures not these ones. Remember RGB was looking for someone to replace Brenda Ngxoli. People like Somizi and even Nonhle auditioned for the job but eventually the producers just decided to go with just retaining Phat Joe as the sole presenter

vumaaa said...

Oh cool i see. Tx

Anonymous said...

he he....Nonhle auditioned for RGB? Ya neh

Anonymous said...

I have lost words with this Khanyi, she is just an attention seeker,i will not be surprised if she leaked the pics herself. a tlogele go ponakela Banna period!!!!

Anonymous said...

Phil with all due respect once a person starts taking off their clothes in front of cameras, the consequences of those actions will come back to haunt you later in life. I don't feel sorry for her ...people like her should know better!

nkosi said...

I know that Khanyi is on some " Ive changed trip" for her sake I hope she's being genuine. And those who are busy trying to ruin her by leaking photos she took ages ago.. thats just down right mean & sic

Anonymous said...

********Considering that Crous also appears on the pics, how does his family feel about that, what about his friends, neighbours etc, Primrose's family and friends or pastor bathini about this private parts show off

Khanyi shem nana uzoba strong, whether u did it yourself or not. Lesson never take nude pics, bathi nudity is beautiful when used in the right platform

nkosi said...

@anonymous said "Lesson never take nude pics"

Hey we try to be spontaneous and adventurous with our men, it is that kinky side in us that want to try and do a mini porno shoot with our loved one, and believe me when you're in love or in love u are on some destructive & stupid trip..good for you if you have never taken dem nude pics, i might be doing the rounds on the social networks with my mini sagging boobs thixo wam #shudder to imagine that# its beta for khanyi hers are doing the "standing ovation"

Gift said...

I agree with your last comment Nkosi, woman can go extra mile and extraordinary things for love!

Gift said...

I agree with your last
comment Nkosi, woman
can go extra mile and
do extraordinary things for

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