Say What?

"I don't want to say if it's true or not (whether I demand a lot of money) but so what if I am? I have worked hard and I believe that I am worth everything I get. We know of international artists who come here and get paid a lot of money, but that is never a big deal,"

Zahara responding to rumours that she charges R75 000 per performance, in an interview with Mogomotsi Selebi of Sowetan. 


Anonymous said...

Big ups to her, I hope she accounts for every cent she makes

Anonymous said...

After machila ale ako ANC concert she can keep her music to herself. I will never buy a ticket to watch her shem. She can't sing. I actually question if its even her on the CD. Just like the clever marketing they did with her who knows maybe even the voice on the CD was not hers. She doesnt deserve to charge that much.

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