Scandal Actress Turns Into A Wine Connoisseur For ANC Centenary

Ramsgate Records in celebration of ANC turning a 100 years this year, wants Mzansi to celebrate in style. They have created created 10 exclusive, limited edition wines to commemorate the milestone.

The woman behind this is Actress Rami Chuene. The former Backstage and Scandal star is also the spokesperson and face of the venture. 

The initiative aptly branded "Own A Part Of History" will be offering the public a chance to own a unique limited range which will never be reproduced once they are sold out.

The chosen wines are said to have been sourced from 10 South African winemaking regions and each cultivar has its own personality and characteristics, creating a link to the 10 decades of the centenary, as well as the theme of “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”.

Labels for the wines are replicas of seventeen artworks created by nine South African artists representing different aspects of our country's history. The originals will be sold with the first edition bottle of each wine cultivar. 

From Actress to Wine Connoisseur, talk about aiming high. That's what you got to love about women in this industry. Well some of them anyway. They do not just sit on their laurels but are always out there seeking more opportunities to build their personal brand and make cash.

The 36 year old 's career in this industry started in 1999 after being a waitress at the then famous jazz club Kippies, with a role on play at The Market Theatre.

She tells a story of how 10 years prior to that her school teacher took their class to a Mbongeni Ngema play at the Market Theatre and she gave Mbongeni a paper with her signature and promised to return ten years later as a Star.

Lo and behold! Rami is a star today and now she is taking on the business world. 

Congratulations to Rami on her new business venture.

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