Wimpy Ad Sends Twitter Abuzz

Some of you may have noticed that I am not really that active on Twitter. I however just like logging on and reading trending topics. This week I saw Wimpy trending so I was curious and investigated. Turns out Wimpy has a very cool ad that is also pushes some social responsibility ad

In an effort to be accommodating to their visually impaired clients Wimpy come up with a braille menu. To let the people know they came up with a rather innovative ad.

The ad shows chefs using sesame seeds to spell out a special message in braille on the tops of burger buns. 

The "touching" moments of the ad are when the braille burgers are served to unsuspecting visually impaired persons and their surprised reactions are recorded.

Think hidden camera kinda like moments but with a sweet touch. It is nothing spectacular but the ad does bring a nice touch to social responsibility from big corporate in affording everybody same experiences regardless of their disability

The ad started trending on Twitter on yesterday, with a lot of thumbs up from Tweeps.

The ad on youtube is about 3minutes long so I don't now how it work on television as TV ads are normally just 30 seconds long unless they are informercials.

Watch the ad below:

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Anonymous said...

Awww man!! This is so sweeet, so emotional!! A standing ovation for Wimpy!!

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