BCCSA Fines Etv R35 000

You have seen the ad on your television about the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa and how. if you are not happy with certain things you see on your TV and think they contravene the code of conduct that the channels have to adhere you to, you can inform this body. Well, someone did just that and Etv has to pay up.

According to News24,  South Africa’s only independent TV news channel has been fined R35 000 by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa for contraventions of the broadcasting code. 

The complaints were filed in October, for showing images of Colonel Gaddafi moments before his death. This was done at 07h30 and repeatedly until 12h00 without any warnings or advisories.

The complaint was stated as follows:
I was utterly outraged this morning when at 07:30 and every time e.tv news channel 403 ran its headlines. They showed the moments before Gaddafi’s death, where he was surrounded by lots of men and was clearly being beaten and dragged.
The images were shown with no prior warning to viewers and repeatedly until at least 12 noon.
The broadcaster was also found guilty of the same offence, committed on another four occasions. The fines total R35 000. This fine must be paid before the end of February.

The BCCSA has also ordered e.tv to broadcast the following statement at 19h00 on the eNews Channel on a Thursday before the end of February: 
“The Broadcasting Complaints Commission has held that this news service had, during the seven o’clock Thursday evening news, on 20 October 2011, contravened the Broadcasting Code in broadcasting unnecessary detail of the attack on Colonel Gaddafi.”
So next time you see; Etv has signed a code of conduct with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa. Under the code, we are committed to giving news that accurate, comment that is fair ... blah blah blah, you can be sure that the channel means and they have fines to prove it.  

Watchout Sindy Mabe, I might just lodge a complaint because I am constantly distracted by her bossom everytime I watch Sunrise in the morning. Lol!

On a serious note though, I am surprised that no-one has complained about the inappropriate use of those porn ads on late lineup on the channel.

It would not bother me if I am watching Emmanuelle to have them but I felt a little uneasy and a tad offended the other night when I was watching Amistad and they kept playing those ad.

I just thought they were inappropriate to be played during a movie of its nature.


Anonymous said...

ka Andries Tatane no one said a word, or did they warn us before showing the footage?

vumaaa said...

Shame poor E . They will be strong.

But what difference does warning makes, coz if its in the news then every soul will possible be watching.

Its funny coz ETV always showing the BCCSA ads, well like u say now they will have proof with their fines that the organisation really works.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice will defiantly be using it. I was disgusted when watching a movie during a week night and had to be put up with porn ads at every break. Not mention my husband had a guest in the other room, I can only imagine what they were thinking lol

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