Beyonce Caught In A Lie... Again

It is hard to believe anything the media writes about Beyonce or any celebrity for that matter. Where Bey is concerned there has always been some misinformation and blatant lies told about the star. However some of the lies have come from Queen Bey herself. 

Now another one has surfaced after she blatant lied to reporters that she attended her husband's performance when she was in fact home and only attended the after-party.

Report by NYC Daily News:

Did baby worries cause Beyoncé to skip husband Jay-Z ’s Carnegie Hall concert? 
An insider tells us the booty-licious mama skipped Hova’s historic show because their infant daughter, Blue Ivy Carter , wasn’t feeling well. 
The baby must have made a quick recovery because Beyoncé kicked back at the after-party until about 4 a.m. 
Shortly after the booty-licious mama arrived at her husband’s 40/40 Club for post-concert festivities Monday night, we asked her if she’d gone to the show. 
“Yes,” she told us, calling her spouse’s concert “amazing.” 
On Tuesday, however, the 40/40 club sent out an email stating, “Despite various reports, Beyoncé did not attend Jay-Z’s concert” 
The couple’s reps did not respond to our questions seeking an explanation for Beyoncé’s absence from the show, but our source said it had to do with her concerns over Ivy.
“You know how first-time mothers are,” said the source. 
The 40/40 club’s e-mail noted that the pop diva’s first public appearance since the birth of Blue Ivy Carter was at the club. 
“She arrived with her mother, Tina Knowles ,” and her mother-in-law, Gloria Carter. After “sprinting through a side entrance” shortly before midnight, Beyoncé toured the club for the first time since its renovation,” the e-mail read.
So, why did Beyonce lie and say she saw Jay Z's performance and it was "Amazing" when in fact she only arrived when it was over? The lie was so unnecessary. The whole world knows that she is a new mother and would not have expected her to leave her baby and come to the concert to begin with. 

Unfortunately, we sometimes forget that stars are human too and like us mere mortals they are also susceptible to the same diseases that affect us. When you lie a lot you end up just lying about things you need not even lie about. 

Compulsive liars lie about anything and everything. Could Beyonce's constant need to perpetuate this perfect image be leading her to become a compulsive liar?

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LSZ said...

LOL Beyonce is a pathological liar, that's worse than a compulsive liar.

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