Beyonce To Be Immortalised

Beyonce rules and her fans wants you to know it in a big way. When Britain sought to assert its power over its dominions and the commonwealth, they did so by having their Queens and Kings' statues erected. The presence of these statues, monuments and museums were and still are a constant reminder of who reigns. Beyonce has taken over the world and now her hometown wants to immortalise her reign as Queen Of The Charts. 

Queen Beyonce is about to get a huge tribute in Houston USA -- it’s for a great cause! She will be joining the likes of Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Woody Allen and even Shakira by having a statue being erected in her honour.


This statue has been described as what will be a “Massive” monument along with a mini museum showcasing Beyonce‘s musical, acting, and community achievements in her career.

The Beyonce statue profits will help several charitable causes including relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Houston Mayor, Annise Parker, has approved the project, which will be designed by Armdeonce Ventures, but there is no confirmed location for where the statue will be constructed. 

It is scheduled to be finished by the end of this year with sponsors and donors receiving exclusive invites to the unveiling which Beyonce herself is supposed to be attending as well!

Now if you were ever in doubt of Beyonce's majestic-ness she can always send you to Houston to bow to her statue. 

All Hail Queen Bey!!!

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