Christina Aguilera Embarrasing Moment At Etta James Memorial

Can this woman ever catch a break for more than 5 minutes. Since her days in the Mickey mouse club and subsequent teen fame, she has always been the underdog. That's why I actually liked her. She had the talent but for some odd reason could never just be appreciated like manufactured artists such as Britney. 

Shocking picture after the jump

She went through a questionable fashion phase, constantly vied for the spotlight against her rival, messed up the national anthem during a big game, fell down in front of everyone, endured a painful split, was picked on for her weight, and then got in, like, so much trouble. 

And just when you think she has finally caught a break from all that negativity and bad spell -- fate mother nature turns on her

Over the weekend The Voice mentor sang at the memorial service for the late, great Etta James. But, it was not her rendition of the legend’s classic song “At Last” or even her cleavage-baring dress that has had people talking. Nope.

In a widely seen photo that’s so embarrassing you will want to move towns, it appears a liquid is running down the Grammy-winning pop star’s leg. 

Some are speculating that it’s menstrual blood, but an insider assured US Weekly that it was nothing more than a spray tan runoff.

Christina, unlike some bootyliscious star that shall remain nameless, has always been an Etta James fan even when it was not convenient for her to mention it. There are videos of the young Xtina singing Etta's songs in talent competitions. 

This must have been a proud moment for Aguilera to honour a woman who has definitely had an immense influence in her music. Sad that people will only remember this moment for this and not the symbolism the occasion had for Ms Aguilera.

Xtina likely will not get to live this one down anytime soon. Poor thing!

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