Who Is The Singer In The Heinecken Ad?

The first time I saw the Heineken Ad on tv the song on it caught my attention. I immediately thought the girl shown singing the song towards the end of the commercial is Duffy (Remember her? she's the girl who sang the hit "Mercy") but it is not. Find out who she is after the jump...

The woman is actually Mette Lindberg the lead singer of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and the song is "Golden Age". The catchy song was released by the band way back in September of 2009 as a single before being released as part of their album Fruit later in the same year.

The decision to do the commercial was a no-brainer for Miss Mette as she told the media back in December 2010 when the ad hit the airwaves around the world. She continued; 
“We saw Jay-Z and Brad Pitt do Heineken commercials so we figured that we would be in good company.” 

Well Miss Mette, me like the song long tyme!! Thanks to Heineken's commercial the song is constantly on my mind. 

Just thought you should know. If you were ever curious about, now you know. 

Watch the Ad

Listen To The Song

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Golden Age

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