Did You Know?

The fictional town of Horizon Deep on Sabc3's soap Isidingo has its own website. The site is an interactive platform for fans of the show and the characters. 

When you visit the site you will get a chance to read up of future episode teasers, vote on storyline polls and get information on your favourite characters. 

Kudos to the Isidingo team for this innovative idea. The platform could get even better if the show is looking at increasing its dismal ratings. 

It could easily become the magazine for the show. All they need is to add photos, links to actors social media pages, few competitions here and there, News about the actors, News clips and covers that the actors feature on and/or perhaps literally make the viewers part of the show by linking the site to the storyline.

Lawd knows the show needs every advertising tool it can get to get viewers to give it the break it deserves by tuning in. 


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