Entertainment Tonight Changes Slots on SABC3

Have you noticed something different about Sabc 3's Friday lineup? I have mentioned that the channel has been struggling with its ratings lately. Unfortunately the constant lineup change is not doing them any good either. 

Flash is currently being kept in its 21:00 timeslot, while Entertainment Tonight that used to precede Flash!, now going out later. Why? No-one knows as the channel has yet to explain. 

The likely scenario might be that they are trying to help Flash gain some viewers. The current season of the show has been lambasted by critics and viewers alike. No surprise that the channel would want to put it before ET as viewers switched channels just after ET. 

Seriously, I do not know what is going on at Sabc3. The channel is slowly but surely becoming a B-rate channel. Now that Sabc 1,2,3 are basically just one channel now since they swap shows and movies these days, the channel has definitely lost its appeal. 

It is really disappointing given history of the channel. 

In case you confused. Flash is now seen first on Fridays at 21:00 and is then followed at 21:30 by Entertainment Tonight.

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