Facebook Succumb To Advertising Tsunami

I opened my Facebook profile this week and was shocked to see that Facebook has fallen prey to the lures of advertising on personal profiles. Firstly let me just take the fancy media gibberish and just keep it plain and simple, afterall even though big corporate use Facebook, the service is mainly used by regular folks. 

Lo and behold, when I opened my profile I was greeted by this horror...

Now, I am no social media snob and do appreciate any innovations that social media platform come up with but I have had it with people imposing advertising on my personal platform.

Yes I say "personal platform" because that is exactly what the powers that be at Facebook wants you and I to believe -- our profiles are our own personal diaries of sort. 

After seeing that addition to the profile page and being the curious person that I am, I clicked on the play tab and some random song started blaring on my laptop. Are you flippin kidding me?!

It is bad enough that one has to deal with these constant random automated "status" that Facebook keep posting on our friends' walls under our names without our consent, now we have to deal with ads popping up on our screens. 
The page you get if you press play on your profile 

This is something that is common on other sites, especially porn sites not Facebook. What the hell is going on here?

Mark Zuckerberg was quoted few years back when Facebook was still a baby as having said that he does not want Facebook to be usurped by advertising but now it seems that the mighty social network site has succumbed to the lures of money. 

Advertising is money, clearly Facebook recognises the fact that they need to jump on the bandwagon but they must not be hypocritical about it. Mark should stop trying to fool us into thinking Facebook is about us. 

The site has now become just like any site out there that is trying to make cash. Nothing wrong with that, I just wish they had come up with a smarter way of doing it than this blatant disrespect of their own "code of conduct". 

I guess one has to just brace himself for random ads popping up on your screen every time you log on to Facebook from now on. 

Do not even get me started on the ridiculously useless Blackberry Facebook App. Ok, maybe that has nothing to do with Facebook itself but the App uses the Facebook brand. 

I swear the person who developed that App should be fired. It is so bad that I have actually resorted to opening Facebook on a browser on my Blackberry. Sometimes inbox messages take days to reflect on that crap. 

Change is good... well for the most part. I do appreciate some new changes on the site but some of the constant changes are just making the site complicated and not user-friendly.  

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