First Pictures Of Blue Ivy Carter

Yah the marketing machine is now in full swing. Little over a month after she was born, proud parents Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z have posted a series of intimate portraits of their baby girl, Blue Ivy.

Instead of selling their first baby pictures to a glossy magazine for millions the music megastar couple decided to take control by posting pictures of Blue to a Tumblr blog created especially for her called Hello Blue Ivy Cater.

This comes days after it was reported that the proud parents have already taken the step to file an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to prevent other Blue Ivy babies and products, leading to speculation that they might try to market a baby line.

So before you rush off calling your child, Blue Ivy know that the name will be trademarked to the Carters thus preventing anyone to ever use it for any commercial gain. If you already share the name with the baby girl and wish to go into business or become famous, you may have to change it. 


Anonymous said...

Wow dats nyc thou bt duz dat min nonhle thema wil hv 2 change her fragrance's nym??blue ivy???

Anonymous said...

At phil, I don't think its a marketing coy, they just trying to prevent their baby's name to exploited!!!! Just think of all the things people would've called oprah if she didn't trademark it----its all about being on the safe side!!!
Love ur bLoG--to obsession!! And ill say it again -Aawwwwhhhhhh cute baby!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pls can we get over these attention seeking whores who will do anything to remain in the limelight?
I feel nauseated.

Anonymous said...

Ncoooo, ISN'T SHE LOVELY!!! Beautiful nana shame.

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