Jennifer Pays Tribute To Whitney Houston At The Grammys

The voice of our generation gave a mesmerizing tribute to a fallen legend. Jhud gave a simple yet flawless performance, high notes and all. She, in my opinion, solidified her place in our time as our Whitney reborn. 

The entire music industry mourned the death of icon Whitney Houston at last night’s Grammy Awards, celebrating her life with moving tributes and an emotional performance in her honour.

However it was Jennifer's rendition of Whitney mega hit "I Will Always Love You" that touched millions around the world who watched the shoe. Jhud found the perfect balance between commanding the stage and ensuring the limelight stayed with Whitney.
The beautiful Miss Hudson almost burst into tears a few times, but held it together for the audience.

Now take a moment to watch the original from Whitney Houston in 1994


vumaaa said...

I also thought JHud did a great job. Phela she a has a heavy voice but she reached all the sweet notes in the song.

She also put her style in the song, but overall it was great.

Kodwa i saw few tweets saying she was Bad and she could have done better.

Well there are so many people that really need to throw their behinds in wooden benches and SIT down.

Des said...

I loved her performance, people must understand she did a rendition of the actual song so by no means was she gonna sound the same as whitney

Anonymous said...

There can only be one Whitney..hitting all the high notes with that beautiful husky voice! JHud, did as great as she could, considering the circumstances. Its not like she had days to prepare, and the sad news were still people must CHILL!

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