Lira Covers Drum

The gorgeous Ms Lira covers Drum to talk about her American dream ambitions... oh and something about her guitar. Let just hope she won't be composing a song about how much she loves her guitar. *side-eye Zahara fans*

Her dream to conquer America is already in motion. Her performances there have had good reviews. Just this month she is featured in the Us magazine, Heed with Marsha Ambrosius on the cover

In 2010 November she was on the cover of Black Hair with the likes of Rihanna. 

Clearly Lira has the potential to make it in the US as the Americans have clearly embraced her. Unfortunately as you can watch on my exclusive interview with her for Zoopy, her American fame comes at a price. 

That price is; changing her music style to accommodate the international market. Now one would think her music was just fine to begin with but as you may have noticed with her current albumn, she has moved away from the "Soul In Mind" sound that catapulted her to stardom in Mzansi.  

No surprise then that "Return To Love" has not really done as well as "Soul In Mind" did. That said, Lira's management seems to know what they are doing so I guess they have plan. 

It would be sad though if in her quest to conquer the world she ends up losing the fan base that made her a star to begin with. Nonetheless we still love her for the hard-worker that she is and her impeccable work ethic. Everyone who has worked with her, from dancers to musicians, can not stop raving about what a dedicated artist she is. 

She has all my blessing and support to follow what she believes in. The last time I spoke to Lira she told me about a "motivational project" she's been working on ... my reading collection is still waiting for a new addition.  ((((hint))))

Read American Blogger, Veronica Ginger's review of Lira's performance in Philadelphia HERE  

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