Local Movie Semi-Soet Hits A Jackpot At SA Box Office

While our black entertainers continue to be embroiled in industry politics and ripping each other of, it would appear that our Afrikaaner counterparts are set on building their own "Hollywood". Local Afrikaans comedy Semi-Soet grossed R1.3 million in its first weekend at the local box office.

The film was released at 65 cinemas nationwide and seen by more than 41 000 people which secured it a 2% higher site average than the hit musical Platteland earned on its opening weekend. 

Semi Soet did 126% better than Jakhalsdans, 5% better than Bakgat 2 and secured a solid 84% of the takings that Liefling die Movie did on its opening weekend. Semi Soet managed to hold onto the number 2 position on the industry Top 10 with the other local success story, Material securing the number 3 spot.
The film tells the story of workaholic Jaci van Jaarsveld, who will go to any lengths to protect the advertising agency for which she works from being bought and dismantled by a ruthless businessman known as "The Jackal".  
A huge contract to market a prestigious wine farm internationally will help save the agency, but winning this contract is no simple matter. 
Jaci needs to convince the owner that she believes in family values and commitment. She persuades a drop-dead gorgeous man who she finds standing outside a modelling agency to be her fiancé for the day.  
But when the client insists that she and her bogus fiancé spend the weekend at the estate to better understand the business and his requirements, things get complicated and her plan starts to unravel with hilarious consequences.

"Semi-Soet is light, uplifting entertainment," says Helen Kuun, CEO of Indigenous Film Distribution.
"It's uniquely South African, and brings the wine lands of the Cape and the city of Johannesburg to life. It also has some excellent Afrikaans word play that audiences just love. We are really happy with its performance. This indicates just how ready South Africans are for home-grown rom-coms."
Semi-Soet was conceptualised by Anel Alexander, Joshua Rous, James Alexander and Sandra Vaughn, and is directed by Joshua Rous (City Ses'la) and produced by James and Anel Alexander's Scramble Productions. 

The film stars former 7de Laan star Nico Panagio and Diaan Lawrenson who current stars on the Afrikaans soapie as "Paula".

Anel Alexander says film is her passion, but that it's also a business. 
"We wanted to make an Afrikaans romantic comedy in which the humour and the characters are intelligent, aspirational and sexy. The result is a slick, fun film with a great cast and excellent production values. We've released it just in time for Valentine's Day and have high hopes for its ongoing performance at the box office."

Two other local movies, Safe House and Material joined Semi-Soet to make local box office history by occupying the top three positions at the local box office on their opening weekend, February 17 to 19. 

Yeah yeah, Safe House is not really a South African production but it was shot in Capetowm and features some of our local industry folk.

The Hollywood blockbuster features academy award-winning actors Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

Material - The Movie features the hilarious life story of stand-up comedian, Riaad Moosa. The film is been getting quite a buzz for its "dramedy" plot. 

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