MacGyver Returns On SABC3

If you were born before 1990 you will remember MacGyver. Yeah that dude who put Michael Knight and his talking car in their place with some suave and savvy crime busting. Well, he is back!!

SABC3 will be broadcasting reruns of the once popular American television series that was nominated for 4 Emmys during its original run on ABC.  

The show. which starred Richard Dean Anderson as Agent MacGyver, was cancelled in 1992 after running for 7 season with 139 episodes

Because of popular demand, two TV-movies were created, both released in 1994. The first movie MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis premiered in the United States in May. The film was shot in England and Greece. 

The second movie was entitled MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday. Anderson served as executive producer for both films, which were filmed in Europe.

Sadly Richard Dean Anderson's career never really took off post MacGyver. The only notable role he ever got after MacG was on Stargate SG-1

Word is that feature film based on the series is being developed and may possibly be produced by 2013.

In the meantime catch Secret  Agent Angus MacGyver on SABC3 from 22nd February 2012, weekdays at Midday.

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