Minnie Dlamini The Actress Shines

After a not so great stint on LIVE and that boring show that the Twins used to present, Minnie has found a new home in acting. I for one have to admit, this might just be the Durbanite's niche in this industry.

In mid-January, M-Net moved its outdoor soap The Wild to the 19:00 timeslot on DStv, following requests from viewers to screen it later in the evening so that they wouldn't miss out on any of the drama and action.

The timeslot change came after Minnie was hired last year to add on to the cast and bring a younger audience to the show. Based on the interaction from viewers in the past couple of weeks, the changes are paying off.

Minnie's popularity on social media has improved drastically. Compliments have been pouring in ever since she joined the show and she seems to be taking it all in her stride. 

As for the show, Tweets about the series exploded after "Tiro", played by Putla Sehlapelo, died last week during a rhino poaching stake-out. 

According to media reports, the name 'Tiro' was the fourth most talked-about topic in South Africa, and mentions about the series increased by 600% on Twitter. It overtook 'Donovan Moodley', which was the biggest topic earlier on that day.

Though the storyline had nothing to do with Minnie's character she shared in the glory that the show was basking in. People who might not have known that she can act have since noticed her ability and are impressed. 

I have to admit. I have fallen for the new Minnie. She seems more at home on The Wild than she does on these other presenting gigs she's been doing.

Her publicist after confirming that Minnie is joining The Wild last year said;
“Minnie is an actress at heart. Being a presenter is something that she loves but she wants to grow her acting career,” 

Some of the tweets complimenting her for a job well done on the show; 
@TiyaInnocent: MinnieDlamini I really like ur character @thewildmnet ,I'm also watching it...sooooooooo nice:) 
@MulengaDimpsy: MinnieD you have no idea jst hw much u inspire me....great acting in the wild..loooove it 
 @PoppyIsMyName: I'm officially a groupie for the show ! Keep rocking!
Clearly Mzansi is finally starting to appreciate Minnie Dlamini. It also looks like things are set to get even more interesting for Minnie as her character "Zintle" is now pregnant. 

With more storylines hopefully Minnie will get to show her versatility as an actress.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being yourself and keeping this blog so fresh and entertaining. You are a talented boy and I hope the people in your industry notices. I like your way of thinking and the constructive criticism in you writing.

Now I understand why some people were just hating on you when we were being introduced to you talent on JC. Unfortunately their website is dying a slow and painful death.

Karma is a bitch! God bless Mr Mphela.

New Fan

PhilMphela said...


Thank you for the compliments. I really appreciate it. I am not trying to compete with anyone. I am just doing what I love doing and having fun with it.

I do not want this platform to be about bashing other people. Much as I appreciate your kind words, I am not ok with complimenting me at the expense of Lelo and her website.

Though I have been attacked and called names on Justcurious without any provocation on my part,I would not want my blog to be used to attack her work.

Especially since she has never said any unkind word to me. Again thank you for the comment but let us try to build each other and not perpetuate the vile tendency of celebrating each other's misfortunes.

Meiki said...

God bless the factory that makes people like you Phil.

About Minnie I also love her as an actress. The Wild is finally entertaining. All the best to her.

@Annonymous Phil is right. You don't compliment someone by puling his competitor down.

Avisto said...

I also like her acting better than her presenting....

Anonymous said...

Phil,I just want to say I appreciate the way u conduct your work,u r a real professional.everytime I read anything here,u r always consistent with how u approach things..May God Bless u More and Grant u All Your Wishes!

PhilMphela said...

Annon 8:12

Thank you.

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