SABC1 Is About To Get Steamy With A New Series

Word is; SABC1 has acquired the rights to the BBC's futuristic alien series Torchwood. If you have seen the show you would know that things can get very steamy. The show features some really dark themes and yes there is gay sex on it too.

If SABC1 viewers were perturbed by a 3 seconds kiss between Senzo and Jason on Generations then they are in for a shocker. Forget about After9's feeble attempt at depicting gay relationship, Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and his mates love playing with girls and each other.

Torchwood was dubbed by critics as "GAY SEX AND ALIENS". Of course that caused a bit of controversy as one might expect but none more interesting than when it depicted the death of a main character involved in a same-sex relationship.

The plot led several writers to analyse the death in view of the character's earlier refusal to admit to his relationship with a man, and claimed that the death was a sign that the LGBT community was leaving behind its image of victimhood. 

Heavy much?! It gets better...

The BBC had to cut a gay sex scene , which features a bisexual leading character because the network felt that the sizzling scene between Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and a barman (Canadian actor Dillon Casey) was too hot for British television. You don't get more liberal than the Brits when it comes to sex so this must have been a really explicit scene.

A violent gruesome scene was also reportedly cut from the show, however a BBC insider reportedly  told the Sun newspaper that the cut had nothing to do with the homosexual aspect of the scene, but that it was simply too explicit considering that the show has many younger fans.

"It wasn't that it was a gay scene that worried people, but just the fact that it was such an explicit sex scene full stop," the source said.
With all these controversies that the show has unleashed in its home country, can SABC1 viewers handle it? We know we have a lot of whiners in Mzansi. Perhaps the channel is hoping that its prudish and bigoted viewers will be asleep after Generations. 

Truth be told late night TV on welfare-tv is dull. A show like this could bring a much needed relief (pun absolutely intended) to the viewers. So what if they are few boys who play with each other here and there? Everybody is doing it these days anyway... ((((hides))))

The first season of the show with 13 episodes is rumoured to start in March on Mondays at 22h00.  

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