Uyanda Mbuli And Hubby Hit Splitsville Thanks To The Gays

Lol, sorry I could not resist. I chuckled after reading the article on Sunday World about Uyanda's husband dumping her because of her penchant for hopping from one party to another with "a bunch of gay drifters and freeloaders". Oh no he di'nt!!

Obviously if the rumour that Uyanda's marriage is over is true then that is not funny. especially when there is a child involved. 

The funny part is Uyanda's gay friends being partly blamed for trouble in her marriage. Even more funnier is that the first time I ever met Uyanda in person was at Nonhle Goes To Hollywood launch and she was with a well known gay journo who works for ... Sunday World!! 

"The friend, who is privy to Uyanda's private life, says Sisa is gatvol with Uyanda because she was henpecking him and neglecting her conjugal duties." writes Ngwako Malatji

Now, how the hell does that friend know about Uyanda and her husband's sexlife?

Anyway, here's what I found a bit intriguing about this issue. It is common knowledge that all the gay hanger-ons that used to hover around Khanyi Mbau have now flocked to Uyanda's side.

Is it fair then to blame de gheys for Uyanda's marital problems? I think not. Nobody in this world uses anyone without that person's consent. 

Uyanda is a grown woman. Surely she knows that most of these people that are around her are not really her friends. All she needs to do is ask herself what happened to Khanyi's entourage when the spotlight around her dimmed. 

Some advice to Uyanda, be careful sister!

This city is full of opportunists and it does not take a genius to spot them. However, we all make a conscious choice to become victims. Ask Somizi!


Someone once told me that you should judge your friends' character by the way they treat other people in your presence. 

If your friend is able to trash other people in your presence, ask yourself what he/she says about you in your absence. 

In this case. If you are a celebrity and your friends look down on other people when they are with you, you must always ask yourself what they would think of you when you are no longer the ticket to A-list parties for them. 

If Khanyi Mbau had asked herself that question she would probably not have faded as fast as she has. The problem with these fake friends is that they will never tell you when you mess up. 

Remember your relevance in pop culture is what keeps them relevant too so if they caution you against screwing up then you might become a good girl and see through their BS.

If then it is true that Uyanda neglected her marriage to party trot with the pink brigade, then she did that of her own accord. The husband should not blame the gays for his wife's neglect.

These Jozi hanger-ons are pros at this game. They know how to play the dotting friend and make these celebs feel like superstars, as long as they keep them in the spotlight. 

If Uyanda is providing the fabulosity, they probably would lick her feet if she asked. How then can you blame her for loving being Queen Of The Fags? It is fun. 

Sisa need not have worried too much about de gheys. They never stick around for too long anyway. I have noticed that they have now started touting Boity as their next "Fag Hag". 

When Minnie looked like she was going to be the next big thing they all flocked to her until she just became another celeb and not an "It" girl, now the same is happening to Boity. 

Thankfully Bonang keeps these vultures at bay. 

PS: Statements shared here obviously do not represent the entire gay community of Johannesburg

Read full story on Sunday World

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Anonymous said...

Lol lol lol OH NO U Di'NT!!!! Gay friends must always be for amusement, not 24/7!!!

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