Another Local Reality Show Hits Vuzu

Vuzu’s brand new homegrown show takes reality television into a totally new realm – one where big dreams, leaps of faith, inspiration, aspiration, and the pursuit of personal success are the point of everything!

That is what Vuzu's press release promises with the new reality show titled Forever Young - with the tagline 'Get Busy Living' – the show follows a trio; Lungile Radu, Siyabonga Ngwekazi and Thomas Gumede. 

With the hype and career boasting success of etv's Blame It On Fame and So What, it is no suprise that every young celebrity in Mzaznsi is now looking at making a name  for him/herself as a reality star. 

Unfortunately not everyone gets it right as the Nonhle Goes To Hollywood and Jozi_Moving The City have shown. 

What does this trio bring that is relevant to the currently picky audience?

“In keeping with our payoff line – 'get busy living' – the show aims to encourage people to pursue their ambitions so that they can eventually realise their dreams,” says Radu. 

For Ngwekazi, the chance to do something more meaningful through entertainment was something he could not refuse. 
“I hope the show exposes, inspires and even upsets people. I want to shake the minds of the young and old folk of South Africa,” says Siya.
As for Gumede, he says Forever Young has taught him to ‘roll with the punches’. 
“Forever Young has proved to me that all you need is a dream and a team and you can make anything happen. Get busy living.”
Forever Young is not just a TV show. It’s about the journey to success. It’s about leaping off a cliff, knowing you will survive. It’s about overcoming obstacles as young people in the 21st century and getting on with those closest to you. It’s about being creative and finding your way. And it’s coming to you.

That's the PR stance! My take on the news is; I have massive respect for Lungsta and Siya. The latter's work ethic and talent is the toast of the industry. He is one of, if not the best, young presenter we have in this country. 

Siya Ngwekazi

However, something about Siya has changed drastically since his days on Street Journal. I have been watching his show on SABC 1, B-Ball or something like that and whoaw! Our Siya has fallen into the "sounding American" trap that has befallen our South African hip-hop youth. 

You would think the guy just got off a plane from Brooklyn to come and present the show. That xhosa-english flare that made him such a marvel to watch has turned into a parody of American wannabe mess!

Still, I do find him engaging to a certain extend.  he is interesting as a person as well so perhaps this show would allow me to see another side to him. 

Lunga Radu

As for Lunga, he has really matured as an actor. I saw him in a scene with Jamie Bartlett the other night and the brotha held his own against the massive talent of an industry veteran like Jamie. Needless to say I was very impressed.

He has toned down on the "you knows" and seems to have taken time to understand his character and what makes him say or do the things he does. "Sbu" is no longer just a wall flower on Rhythm City but has become a character with depth. 

Has someone been taking acting lesson? - we'll see on the show!

Thomas Gumede

Though I have interviewed and seen Thomas Gumede around I had never really paid much attention to his work nor did I really care until I saw him on stage at the Channel O awards. The guy is funny as hell. What  I love abut him is that he is not defined by anybody's expectation or standards but his. 

He had us all in stitches and I loved his spontaneity. Now if there's someone who is made for a reality show is Gumede. The guy seems to have no chip on his shoulder and I bet his antics and off the cuff comments would make for great tv.

It remains to be seen whether this trio can join the like of Hlelo and Ntando Masina by becoming Mzansi's reality superstars.

Get Busy Living with Forever Young on Friday, 9 March at 19:00 on Vuzu.

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