Blacks Perpetuate Racism Against Blacks

The Trayvon Martin story in the US and the racism comments and accusations that have been hurled at DA leaders, Helen Zille have brought forth the issue of race relations again. It is an old tale that we seem to drag into conversation every time a black person has an altercation with a white person. However, have we as black people taken responsibility for our contribution to racism directed towards black people?

It is interesting that we as black people complain about racism while we are the ones who perpetuate it by making white people seem like special beings. 

Every thing white is good and black is bad. We can blame colonialism for it but one would think at this point in human evolution such views would be a thing of the past but hell no. 

In our every day life, blacks will always treat a white person better than they treat a black person. You see in restaurants, public offices and how we interact in social settings. It is very sad. 

With that can we take a pause and look within ourselves as black people. One can argue that our behaviour is a result of being marginalised for centuries and it will take time to get over it. BUT if that is the case should we be so quick to cry racism every time things do not go our away.

I am by no means saying that there are no racist white people. I know racism exists and I have been subjected to it in my life. However I do not think every time a white person is rude to me it is because they are racist. 

A white person is as human as I am and just as much as I do not get along with every black person I encounter in my life so too is the case with the whites in my life. 

I am constantly disgusted by Steve Hofmeyer's comments but often I just take his rants as a plea for attention than anything else. He knows that the more outrageous his views are the likely it is that he will be on everybody's minds for most of that week. 

Is Steve a racist? Perhaps, but personally I think he is more of an agitator and malignant narcissist who constantly needs attention to feel validated by society. 

Then you have the Zille situation. The woman is a politician and as such she will say things that you read and think, WTF! Could it be that she is just an ill informed obnoxious snob and not racist. Is every wrong view Zille has about black people influenced by racism? I think not. 

Mothers who work in white households are more loving to their employer's white kids than they are to their own kids. Your mother would remember Piet's birthday and first words as a child better than she would remember yours. 

Even nannies who work in black households do not treat their black employer's kids as they would a white employer's. In a white household she will be "Mary" but in a black one she will be "auntie'. Yet Mary would be more loving than "Auntie" is if you had to gauge the level of care between the 2 households. 

With that aren't those woman racist by treating white kids better than their black kids?

We are a generations that is supposedly emancipated from the chains of oppression and its guilt but we are not immune to the idolisation of white people. 

How many times has a black person been obnoxious towards you simply because they are hanging with white people?

On an even more shocking scenario is finding 8 black kids hanging out with just one white child yet they are all speaking English to accommodate that one white kid. Why can he not try and learn their language?

I was in a restaurant with a white friend of mine earlier this year and I asked the waiter for the bill but when he delivered it to our table he gave it to my friend even though I was the one who asked for it. 

There have also been incidents where I would be standing in line and someone comes to assist but instead of asking me first they would ask the white person behind me.

Guess what? majority of the time it is a black person who subject me to that. 

Why should the fact that a white person sings in isiZulu still make headlines on our 7pm news bulletins? It is because we still think a white person accommodating anything black is a privilege that ought to be celebrated. 

I keep abreast about what happens online and read a lot of local blogs. This morning I logged on to a popular local blogsite and chuckled a bit that bloggers were excited that a white person is a guest blogger on the site. 

Why should it be special that the guest blogger is "umlungu"? Why should that fact have a special mention to begin with? Why are all those bloggers excited ?

Well, the answer is simple. A lot of us still believe that... (Say it with me) ... White = BETTER, Black  = Inferior!!

So, my friends, foes and fellow blacks before you claim that white people are racist, look closer to home. You legitimise racial superiority by treating white people as 'gods' while blacks as subservient! 

The day you stop going gaga over white people is the day racism will stand any chance of being eradicated. 

SIDE BAR: Latest developments on the Trayvon Martin story is that there is a witness who corroborates George Zimmerman's claims that he acted in self-defense. FOX 35 in Orlando spoke to a witness who claims to have seen Trayvon beating Zimmerman who was on the ground screaming for help.


D said...

Wow hayi ke no words

Anonymous said...

ooohhh Phil i always love reading ur blog its so enlightening and u have a way with words. U put ur views and facts clearly out without attackin on the individual. Big up to u!!!!

Anonymous said...

one more time,take a bow son!!
You are headed for the top with the uncomfortable truth you speak.
I'll be back. this one ought to be properly digested.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm getting the Phil!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Phil for this interesting article. I think we (blacks) have a long way to go, and 'we' like to shift the blame everytime something does not work the way we want. Martin s case is a sad one, and may his soul rest in peace.
We blacks it's like we are created not to feel good about ourselves. All human beings are same, and just because someone is black, even when do something bad is not right. I have lived outside africa for a very long time now, and the way people of other colors look at us black it's the same, does not matter whether one is african, or afro-american. But there is this thing among us blacks, we always want people of other color to know that i am a better black from SA or America. So you are very right that we blacks are racists to some degree. One time i was entering SA at OR Tambo airport, and the immigration said "passport please sir" to a white gentleman, but to me he said "passport".

Keith Recore said...

Phil, first, could you please turn off the floating "twitter" bird? it is very distracting while reading your blog!

It is always a pleasure to read calm,intellectual points of view, where fiction does not get in the way of facts. Can I surmise from some of this discussion, people are people, treat them as such. Base this treatment on your experience w/ them in particular, not w/ them in general? Regardless of where we are, we should demand as much respect as we give? thanks Phil, good start!

Anonymous said...

you took the words right out of my mouth.i also read the post wher bloggers got xcited for the guest writter fo being umlungu like hes doing them a four or samething by guest blogging.we have a long way to go as black ppl .

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