Another Milestone For Bonang

Bonang Matheba does not just set the bar but she freakin leaves all of us in the dust. Just when one thought B could not top herself she has now gone and added another 10km between her and the rest of us mere dreamers.

Last week Mzansi's media darling announced via Twitter that her name is now trademarked. She tweeted; 
 'Bonang Matheba' is officially a trademark!! Be careful dear promoters mmmmmkay!!!!
With this milestone B has solidified herself as one of the most formidable media brands in Mzansi. Having her name trademarked means that our girl will be cashing in big time on her name. 

Even more poignant is the fact that she has now officially made sure that she will not just be the face on TV and magazines but will be using her profile as a business entity. 

Such a move has made many international stars the business force we have come to envy them for. This girl has now single-handedly redefined what it means to be a celebrity in this country. 

Gone are the days when our stars were just famous with no prospect of ever amassing the fortune that is synonymous with the "celebrity" title we bestow on them.

In case I am not making this clear, this is huge people!! It means every time someone will be using Bonang's name they would have to pay her for it. 

It also means that our girl does not necessarily have to be actively involved in a particular project but  will be paid just for the usage of her name. 

The trademark also serves to protect her from having her hard-work in building her brand from being exploited -- hence the warning to promoters. 

Congratulations, Ms Matheba! Take notes kids ...Truly inspiring!!


Anonymous said...

I love that woman's work, she works her tail out and she love's her job,her work is inspiring!!! Hope God wil her more and more opportunities, she's so confident abt wht does, I love her... And thank you Phil for the updates

Nonosi said...

Phil Im nt buying yr face bt I love you guys both. U and Bonang r my fav celebs in SA. I dnt enjoy reading abt celebs bt I luv yr blog and how u write abt celebs. Its nt gossip. You inform and I luv when u put your personal stuff and opinion on the stories u share. Congradulations to Bee

Anonymous said...

Ave ngimthanda uBonang. Thanks for the update Phil.

PhilMphela said...

Thanks Guys!

Anonymous said...

OMG I luuuuuuuuuurve your blog. I"m hooked. I have been reading since I got to work. Keep up the good work. Its so refreshing.

Mo_T said...

Tjo bathong,this girl is going place..@Phil keep up the good work,been silent bloggin for a while now but iv finaly managed to 'loggin' so im gona be all over the place lol..!!

Malepo said...

Nice clean website. Good work Phil <3 <3 <3

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