Open Letter To Religious Gay Bashers

It has to be one of the most famous open letters online all over the world. The letter surfaced on the net around May 2000 and was written to American radio host, Dr Laura Schlessinger thanks to her oft-aired opinion that gays are "mistake of nature". 

A Letter to Dr. Laura Concerning God's Law

Dear Dr. Laura: 
Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. 
I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God's Law and how to follow them. 
1. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord - Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them? 
2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her? 
3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness - Lev.15: 19-24. The problem is how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense. 
4. Lev.25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians? 
5. I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2. The passage clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself? 
6. A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination - Lev.11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this? Are there 'degrees' of abomination? 
7. Lev.21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here? 
8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev.19:27. How should they die?
9. I know from Lev.11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves? 
10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev.19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? - Lev.24:10-16. Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev.20:14) 
I know you have studied these things extensively and thus enjoy considerable expertise in such matters, so I am confident you can help.  
Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging. 
Your devoted disciple and adoring fan
Laura Schlessinger is an American talk radio host, socially conservative commentator and author. Her radio program consists mainly of her responses to callers' requests for personal advice and has occasionally featured her short monologues on social and political topics. 

Her website says that her show "preaches, teaches, and nags about morals, values and ethics."

In August 2010 Dr. Laura Schlessinger announced on “Larry King Live” that she would not be continuing her radio show after her contract with Talk Radio Network expires at the end of the year. 

This came after the then 63 year old, was under attack for using the n-word 11 times in five minutes on August 10, when she was trying to make a point about racism to an African-American caller to her show. 
When the caller pressed Schlessinger about her free use of the racial epithet, the host responded:
“Oh, then I guess you don’t watch HBO or listen to any black comedians. My dear, the point I am trying to make … [is that] we’ve got a black man as president and we’ve got more complaining about racism than ever. I think that’s hilarious.” 
Whether you think this woman is homophobic or racist, I personally think the world needs people like her so we can expose the hypocrisy or organised religion and societal prejudice towards minorities all over the world. 
Without the likes of Dr Laura we would never have the chance to pause from a ever so busy lives and think for a minute about how some "laws" are unfair. 

I share this with you with the hope that you be more inclined to be tolerant of anybody who is different from you whether by sexuality, race or creed. 

Let religion not be the weapon that we use to defend hate!! The bibles has its flaws too. The bible needs to be adaptable to the times. Life evolves and so too should our interpretation of the word of God if we believe that the Bible is the definitive world of the all mighty.


Anonymous said...

The Bible does NOT have flaws and I don't think that the person who wrote this open letter knows enough about the bible and the different convenants to formulate an opinion. People have a tendency to quote the little they know about their bible and use those arguments as all encompassing. It is a book that requires spiritual discernment and knowing or quoting one verse or chapter without taking into consideration the entire context is a mistake often made by people trying to prove some sort of point..

I do not have a comment on the topic at hand though!!

PhilMphela said...


Interesting comment. Wouldn't the point you making go the other way too? I mean, one can throw this back at you and say people who use the bible to judge others who may not live up to their moral expectations are "quote (ing) the little they know about their bible and use those arguments as all encompassing"

Keith Recore said...

What can one say, "Dr" Laura (a Dr of Physiology: the science of the function of living systems, ie how organs carry out chemical or physical functions) translated that into a field dealing with gays, gods and guns. One can just listen to her radio show and make their own conclusion. It does seem when the world is in crisis, the ongoing "holy war" intensifies and religion courts action against the most vulnerable as the cause of the "crisis" in the world. Most religions have been caught up in the misuse of religion to persecute many whose opinions religions don't agree with, noteably women rights, gays, as well as who's religion is superior to the other. This enevitably leads to opening an atmosphere of hate, repression being able to rear it's ugly head and often wars of varying degrees, with untold suffering to far too many innocent victims. We seem to be in this time again of "world crisis" where the blame is falling to those who are "not" like us and human rights are circumvented. Shame on us.

Anonymous said...

Lol you know the truth Phil together with all the gays out there.

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