Jamie Foxx Gets Freaky

Jamie Foxx is getting more and more famous for showing off his private parts than his art. Not that we complaining. A recent video is doing the rounds on the net of the Oscar winner doing some freaky dancing while wearing nothing but ... oh well you'll see for yourself.

Jamie Foxx was obviously feeling real freaky and frisky the night he was captured getting his groove on to Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover” to the delight of onlookers while wearing nothing but a pair of red briefs, a baseball cap, some sneakers and socks.

TMZ leaked the footage it claims was shot about 10 years ago at his mansion in LA.

Before you get all "hot and bothered" about Jamie Foxx’s nude tendencies you may wanna know that that he apparently can not get aroused 

Jamie's one-time TV lover Garcelle Beauvais got really personal about her leading men during an appearance on talk show “Hollywood Girls Night.”

In the interview she revealing that all her leading men get aroused during sex scenes, admits that Jamie Foxx was the one exception.

Beauvais played Francesca “Fancy” Monroe on ‘The Jamie Foxx Show” over a decade ago. 

The actress said 
“He couldn’t get up,” she said. “Well he got up, but he couldn’t get up.”
She added, 
“He is going to kill me!”
Of course like every time a celeb put his or her foot in the mouth, Garcelle has since recant her statement and put a spin on it. She now claims that she actually meant Jamie could not literally stand up not that he could not get aroused. 

Lol, yah ne?

Anyway, for someone who seems to enjoy taking his clothes off for the whole world to perv on, it was interesting to know that there might be some "compensating for something" going on there. 

So is Jamie showing it off all the time because he can not do anything else with it worth talking about? 

Oh well ...  

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