Kirsty Stoltz Appointed Fashion Director of Grazia South Africa

I was invited to the launch of new international magazine that will hit our news-stands soon. Unfortunately last minute commitment prevented me from attending after I had RSVP'd that I would be there. Grazia has a long history across the world as a fashion bible for many high earning women (and men). The SA issue of this franchise will make its debut in May and has just announced its fashion editor. 

According to fashion journos across the country, the SA magazine has a lot to live up to. The UK and Australian issues have websites you can get lost in with all the content revolving around what’s new in the beauty and the fashion worlds, what celebrities are doing and which bloggers to look out for. The magazine sells over 200 000 copies in the UK every week. 

While these magazines focus on high-income women, it would be interesting to see what the South African magazine makes of the fashion pages. 

The big question on fashionistas' minds is simply; Will R22 000 handbags be the order of the day or will the local offering of the Mag throw in some brands from Woolworths and Edgars for the more budget-conscious South Africans?

The other more pressing matter is the question of whether such a magazine has a place in our already saturated magazine market. It would appear that there is a new magazine being launched every month at this rate. 

Danielle Weakley, editor of Grazia South Africa, pointed out in the media that more than 200 consumer titles are published in South Africa, with a combined circulation of over 5.3 million. Just 12 weekly magazines are currently published, of which only two fall within the women's general interest category.

"So, there's an obvious gap in the market for Grazia. It is packed with fashion, news, celebrities, beauty, lifestyle, real-life reads, all the things we know our readers will love. It has the gloss of a fashion magazine with the pace of a news weekly." 
Ok, that covers the market share but what about the growth of online media. That is a clear and imminent threat to magazine sales. Can a pricey mag compete in such a volatile market? Only time will tell. 

The magazine made its debut in Italy in 1938 and the success of the brand has reportedly grown exponentially in the ensuing decades with editions now published in many places, from Italy, France, Germany and the UK to China, Thailand, India and Australia. Perhaps South Africa is the next territory to conquer. 

In the meantime, Kirsty Stoltz has been appointed Fashion Director of Grazia South Africa, the world’s number one fashion and news weekly magazine. 
“I have been a fan of Grazia UK for the past eight years,” Stoltz says.  

“I love the clever way in which the magazine mixes high-end designer labels with shopping mall buys. The fashion pages follow a very stylish and modern formula, which I feel really engages and excites the reader. Our mission is to find the best merchandise - to surprise and entertain the reader with aspirational fashion shoots and up-to-the-minute shopping buys. 

“As this is a weekly magazine, we are really able to show the most up-to-date clothing available. Grazia magazine will be on sale every Friday, just in time for some weekend retail therapy!” 
Stoltz has an exemplary track record in fashion journalism. She began her career at FHM, where she rose to the position of Fashion Director before leaving to join ELLE as Senior Fashion Editor. .
“We are delighted to welcome Kirsty on board,” says Grazia South Africa Editor, Danielle Weakley.  
“I have long been a fan of her work. I think she has great personal style and she gets the fashion ethos of Grazia, which is equal parts sartorially savvy, irreverent, and most especially, wearable.”
Congratulations to Miss Stoltz and the Grazia team. We looking forward to seeing the debut issue of Grazia South Africa which is set to hit local stores on 18 May 2012.

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