SABC 3 New Show: Cooking With Azania

Is Sabc 3 turning into the cooking channel? Barely a week after announcing that they will be a new cooking reality show, there is another cooking show set to air this month hosted by Metro FM jock, Azania Mosaka. 

Cooking With Azania is a 24-minute, 26-episode show that looks at the lifestyle of eating in South Africa both at home and out. The main features of the show will be restaurant reviews, cooking with a celebrity and great recipes. 

The restaurant review is about taking viewers to a great restaurant in South Africa, going into their kitchens and finding out what their signature dishes are. 

Each week some of South Africa’s biggest names will cook with Mosaka as well as share their favourite recipes with the audience. Mosaka will also share ideas and recipes of her own that she loves and enjoys, keeping them distinctly South African. 

The show will include coverage of food and wine events, competitions and vox pops. An added feature of Cooking with Azania is a mobile app for added audience convenience.

Sabc 3 already has about 4 shows that are food related. Do they really need another show about food?

I seriously do not know what is going on at Sabc 3. It seems like they do not really know where to fit in. Do they even have a clear vision of what the brand represents anymore?

Anyway, Azania is a nice lady and has that warmth that South Africans appreciate so watching her would not be a bad thing. I am just not sure if cooking is something that I want to be subjected to every time I tune into Sabc 3

Cooking With Azania debuts on SABC 3 on 31 March at 12:00.

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Lesngwana said...

Hau sabc 3 cooking with azania when there already is cooking with siba?? You right sabc is lost shem

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