4Play Sex Tips For Girls Season 3 Premiere

Thursday my sidekick and I took a short left to Melrose to celebrate the premiere of Etv's primetime show 4play: Sex Tips For Girls which was held at Moyo. The event was exclusive with only a handful of Etv "faces" and some reporters. 

I'm not one to complain unnecessarily but hell did they really have to hold the event in that claustrophobic ground level space. 

I am not gonna get into who was there with whom, I have outgrown that stage of ogling at people. 

We were treated to a preview of the first episode of the new season. As I told you guys here, my report that Xolile Tshabala will be joining the cast was confirmed. The beautiful actress has replaced Portia Gumede on the show. 

Ok, let me frank, the budding critic in me thinks the show is still nothing to write home about especially when one is unintentionally forced to compare it to Sex And The City and dare I say it... it falls way too short in comparison. 

The tv lover and fan in me, however, wants to send wants to send Etv my dry cleaning bill as I was laughing and drooling so much watching the show that I may have wet my shirt. 

Compared to its preceding seasons, this current season is fresher and boasts some rather funny punchlines that when delivered so effortlessly by a prolific actor like Xolile they hit all the right spot. 

There is even a sex scene that will leave you giggling like a 12 year old because it's sweet and has the potential to be hot but ... (I don't wanna give too much away) the ending will leave you in stitches. 

My verdict is that Curious Pictures has really upped their game with this season. It is refreshing and has the potential to catapult the show in to one of the best shows on Mzansi tv, if only they could steer clear of falling into the preachy predictable story-line mode that we are subjected to in every show. 

Yeah we have an HIV problem in this country, but leave the Public Announcement Service mode of witting plots to Intesexions and Soul City. 

Another surprise for the show that I know a lot is my female readers (and some guys) will appreciate is that Class Act Season 2 runnerup Pallance Dladla is featured in the show. All I can say for now is that the buff brother will be taking off his clothes ... A LOT!!! Prepare to drool!!

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