Bad Publicity Will Cost You In Mzansi

Just watched Dineo and Manaka Ranaka on Motswako. The interview was not really anything to write home about but Mam' Diddy touched on an issue that has being irking me for some time. The notion that every publicity is good publicity. 

That notion is nothing but a farce that is perpetuated by people who live fake lives and are slaves to the celeb titles you bestow on them. 

Hear me now and hear me good; keep hogging the tabloid headlines with silly antics and you will starve. This industry is based on perception and believe you me no-one would wants to invest in a brand that is perceived to be tainted. 

This is Mzansi and not Hollywood. Even in Hollywood there are stars who have had to kiss their blossoming careers goodbye because of constant bad press. 

Obviously not all bad publicity is solicited so one can not necessarily avoid being on Sunday tabloid papers but ya'll know as well as I do that some individuals go out of their way to invite such publicity.

Unfortunately you may see them on covers of magazines and in social scenes and think all is well when in reality they are actually not earning a penny because no-one wants to hire them. 

Firstly fans needs to know that there are very limited ways that our local stars can make money. If you are a musician, you may end up having to rely on corporate gigs to pay your bills because CD sales are not that great anymore. 

Presenters, likewise, have to rely on getting gigs as MC's at corporate events to survive. 

The ever-so-inspirational Dineo Ranaka was absolutely right when she said bad press will hurt an entertainer's earning prospects in the industry. 

You also need to know about our industry's dirty little secret. Stars DO NOT get paid for magazine covers in South Africa. Unless you have a really big scandal and the magazine needs exclusive rights, you will never be paid to be on that cover. 

That is the reality. The next time someone rants on Twitter and she/he makes the cover do not think her antics are paying the bills. 

In this country you can very well be a celebrity in name only. To be honest that is the case with a lot of them hence there is always be someone who is all over the media yet the next thing you hear that they have been evicted or their car has been repossessed.  

It is a sad situation that even in 2012 our talent is still being exploited in the name of exposure but unfortunately this has become an accepted practice in this industry. 

Some years back someone sold out black entertainers by just agreeing to make other people money off of their talent and we are all still paying the price today. 

With all these limited opportunities to make a living as an entertainer, why the heck would you wanna limit yourself further by tainting your name (your brand) with unnecessary bad press?

Don be fooled, #actlikeyouknow!!


Anonymous said...

Wooooow Phil, now i know! Thanx bro this was eye opening. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

I feel like this article ended before we could get to the point, obviously putting aside the point of celebs being exploited. I guess I wanted to hear more of what Dini said since I didnt watch...Oh well

Fluffie said...

Yeah media can make and break you! peeps must be careful out there! I also didn't get a chance to watch Motswako. You could have told us a lil more of what Dineo said Phil *hides* I heard she was crying or something, oh well - I know she will strive on her other strengths besides radio!

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