Blacks Are Fools ... Really?

I read Slikour's article on City Press about Blacks being fools. Though I agreed with most of what he was pointing out, I could not help but feel like I have heard it before. As poignant as his views were they were still regurgitating the same old thesis on the philosophy of existentialism that has been drummed by every prolific black leader in recent times. 

What bothers me about this angle of the debate is the tendency to set western civilisation and its  economic success as the model to aspire to. In simple terms, it is the same old capitalistic nigga nonsense that is suddenly seen as the epiphany of black consciousness. Dude please...

If people who hold the view that any black person who does not suddenly want to emulate Mr Anderson next door is as racist as any white person who thinks black people can never amount to anything than being subservient to their white masters. 

If these black "educated" people took the time to get off their bling pedestal and take the time to learn about the factors that led to European economic prosperity and cultural tsunami they would know that in the times that we live in now that model would not work. 

Western prosperity is rooted in exploitation and gross prejudice. Is that what we want black people to aspire to so they can stop being servants but masters? 

I wrote extensively in my article An Uneasy Truce about the fragile nature of the relationship between blacks and whites in Africa and how that has affected the way we have evolved as societies. 

Of course it does not make sense to any sane person that an individual would burn a school so that he can get a clinic instead of just voting the government out. Unfortunately to someone who is not faced with the everyday struggle of feeling insignificant, the support that black people still give the ANC will never make sense. 

I am forever buffled by black people who buy cars that cost R1million while they only have R500k in their bank account. However, I also understand the mentality that goes with such decision making. I also understand that it is a societal problem rather than an individual person's. 

To just rebuke the black race and demand that they "get with the program" by comparing them to other races is not fair and borders on hypocrisy. 

It took centuries for some of these glorified races to achieve what they have amassed. The truth is that those achievements are also tainted with the blood of others. 

Unfortunately just as some stereotypes about blacks are uncomfortable to fathom so too is the reality that blacks were victims for most of our evolution as human beings. If the blackman had had the foresight to be as brutality inhumane as the white colonisers were then perhaps the situation right now would be reversed. 

I am disappointed by some of the choices that my fellow black people make. I am disgusted by the way most so called republics in Africa are still living in blatant dictatorship imposed by our very own leaders.

I however will not just brand our people as stupid because they choose not to become barbarians to achieve the so called "democracy". How is that really gonna advance us as a race in a world where we preach tolerance and harmony?

SliKour asks in his piece; Do you ever wonder how much depth, reasoning and unification world leaders had to apply in order to make racism and segregation acceptable? 

Well brother, it is for that same reason that one would not want to see our black folks unifying behind a negative course. Unity behind a wrong course is counterproductive.

The most reasonable way to inspire a change in our people's mindset is not by calling them names or highlighting their inadequacies compared to perceived prosperors.

We can inspire our generation to turn the tide by being better rolemodels for change. It does not help much when we are busy perpetuating a materialistic society with our "entertainment" then we turn around and call people stupid because they riot to attain those standards. 

Inspire pride in one's ability and faith in one's capabilities. Instead of flaunting our successes with opulence, we should be plowing back into these communities for them to know that it does not take a superhuman-being to achieve the level of success that people like Slikour have.

Let's educate our brothers and sisters that the notion that only big dreams are valid is a farce. The way to the top is not by only dreaming big. Acknowledge your reality and dream within your reach. That way every time you set that realistically attainable dream and reach it, you will be motivated to aim higher next time. 

Unfortunately the gospel right now is GET RICH NOW!! or should I say "Get Rich Or Die Trying"! The message being instilled in our youth is that the only way to be successful is to be able to brag about your wealth on tv. Everybody wants to be Kanye West or Paris Hilton!

How about instead of flaunting half naked women and fancy cars in music videos, we push for a less exploitative message of working hard to achieve our dreams and have humility in the way we enjoy our success?

Black people do not need to emulate whites, chinese or any race for that matter to prosper. Our continent is still recovering from centuries of exploitation, we can not expect it all to change in the blink of an eye now that a few of us have now felt the fresh air of leafy Northern Joburg suburbs. Suddenly anyone who does not reach their level of success at their pace is a fool... no man! 

I am not turning a blind eye to the problems that plague our continent especially as some of them are really not necessary and are perpetuated by greed. Yes we have problems but we are certainly not fools. What would be foolish is for us to revert back to a system that marginalised others for our own prosperity.

Young people have a voice now -- a voice that can affect change. We are laying the foundation for a better tomorrow, not by barrel of a gun or spears. Our parents suffered in those terms for us to have this platform, now it is up to us to use it lay the foundation of change. 


Anonymous said...

It looks like uya ithanda nje iattention no ku bukwa lo bhuti thats it.

Anonymous said...

We are too far gone down the wrong lane. We have the blind leading us, the ditch is our final destination.

Keith Recore said...

First, thank you once again for the amount of thought that you put into this and your other blogs regarding more serious issues than entertainment (not to take away from entertainment, it has a place and function). The depth of your thought is fully appreciated here as it responds and answers in very rational ways what being human is about and how there can be varying measures of success, but each is a success within ourselves,even if not moving mountains. Optimism and leadership are welcomed traits for all races and as you state, not at the expense of one another. Good thoughts Phil

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