Hi Guys, 

I hope ya'll had an awesome weekend. I am going to be very busy this week so I may not be able to put up new articles. Just thought I would inform you guys so you will not be surprised when you do not find new articles on this blog this week. 

I do promise that if a breaking story lands on my email I will make sure that I share it with you so I am not just leaving you guys in the lurch. 

I am working on a project that is a huge deal for me and my career. I can not reveal much about it now but all I can say is that you guys are going to be very proud. 

Since this is such a big deal for me I have committed myself to putting in as much as I can to the job. Someone took a really big chance on me and when someone believes in your that much you want to make them proud. 

Remember do not forget to dream and work hard. You do not always need a chorus to believe in your capabilities and dreams, sometimes it just takes one person and it will all be worth while. 

In the meantime, let's chat on Twitter my handle is @PhilMphela because I am there all the time. I will also be updating you on this big surprise I have for you guys. 

Trust me..YOU wanna be my Twitter friend come Sunday... hint: South African Music Awards aka #SAMA18 (wink! wink!)

Be good and keep smiling


Phil Mphela


Anonymous said...

All the best!

Mathato said...

i am following you right now, and good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

The nice message

Fluffie said...

So touchy...Hope it all works out for the best! I'mma make sure I follow u on Twitter :)

Anonymous said...

Saw your name on the production credits of the Sama's.....Congrats!

Now that the Sama's came and went, can we please get updates on your site?

Thanks in advance

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