Obey The Rules Of The Road, Unless You Are With The ANC

While South Africans have been urged to obey the rules of the road and register for e-tolling it would appear that the same rules we all have to adhere to do not apply when it comes to the ANC. 

The ANC centenary motorcade, currently travelling through Kwa-Zulu Natal, features at least three vehicles with the same licence plate. Photos have emerged on Facebook showing multiple vehicles with identical plates – ‘ANC 100 – ZN’ – all honouring the ruling party’s celebratory year. 

According to the rules of the road this is totally illegal but no-one seems to care.

Onlookers have enjoyed a celebratory procession of luxury cars, including at least two Mercedes-Benz and an Audi with the matching ‘ANC 100 – KZN’ licence plates. 

According to the Road Traffic Act, it’s a violation for two different cars to use exactly the same licence plates, but ANC provincial secretary-general Sihle Zikalala has said the party was not aware of any ANC vehicles breaking the rules of the road.
“We are looking at this matter and we do not know these cars. We would like to get the full details of the vehicles.” Have a look at the picture above, if it helps at all, Sihle?
Given the spate of criticism given to the ruling party over government motorcades disobeying the rules of the road  and the accident that left one young man in a coma recently one would expect the ANC to know better than blatant break the rules like this. 

We are busy being told that ignoring to register for e-tolling is illegal and would encourage lawlessness on our roads yet the government does not seem to mind setting the wrong example that it is ok to break the rules.

Way to go guys! Viva ANC!  O_O

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Keith Recore said...

It probably is at the point with politics and power it is "expected" however does it have to be "accepted"? Voters??

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