SABC3 Spoils Surviovr Finale For Viewers AGAIN

Oh here we go again. In September 2009 SABC3 messed up the order of the episodes for the Survivor China finale which led to massive viewer outrage. Well, they have done it again. This time they put up a promo with visuals from an episode we haven't seen thus revealing who will be voted out next. 

SABC3 has been playing a promo where one contestant is already seen sitting in the tribal council jury meaning he or she is already voted out. 

The problem is that as far as viewers are concerned - and as SABC3 has shown in the latest episode - that contestant is still supposedly very much in the show.

SABC3 therefore played the wrong future promo too soon.

I am tired of complaining about the channel. People might just think I have something personal against it. Honestly how many times must one channel screw up before someone takes actions. 

Do their employees even watch these shows or they just get anyone to work on a show they know nothing about? IF whoever was cutting the promo together actually watched the show he/she would have known that Brett is till part of the show. 

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