Dineo Ranaka To Host The Reps Reunion

Truth be told I have never really watched a full episode of Running With The Reps but the show seems to be popular with Vuzu's young viewers. More so that the channel picked it up for a second season.  That's where our Mam' Daddy come in.

Now that the show has wrapped and the boys have been out of the mansion for a while, Vuzu brings them back together for a 30 minute reunion special hosted by Dineo Ranaka who will be launching her reality show on the channel titled Dineo’s Diary: A Mogul in the Making later on in the year.

Under Dineo’s watchful eye we delve into a variety of issues that have touched the crew. season one ended with Nthato ‘Taydos’ Malete leaving the crew after receiving a blow from Thabiso ‘TJ’ Mkhwanazi. 

Season two saw Taydos return to the crew, and amongst the fighting and partying which threatened to destroy the group, he stepped up to his initial role as leader of the Reps where he had to make some tough decisions.

Viewers will also get to hear from Larry, the emotional journey he went through and eventually shed some light on why he stepped down as Reps leader. 

An emotional outburst from Mike sheds some light on what has been really going on with Senhle ‘Chama’ Mazibuko as well as his future with the crew… if there is one?

A reunion show would not be complete without never-before-seen footage so brace yourself for some interesting show if the press release is anything to go by. 

Catch the reunion show next week Wednesday, 23 May at 19:30 on VUZU

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