FHM Cans Model For Derogatory Tweet

"We're horrified that any1 would say such things! Those attitudes have no place in society or FHM!" that was the first unofficial statement via Twitter about the bid hoohah on the micro blog site after a user called @jessicaleandra tweeted the K word

In case you missed it this morning. Jessica tweeted; 

Minutes after that she was attacked by all and sundry for her K word remark. No-one bothered to even find out what provoked such a vile remark from her. Suddenly she was branded a racist. 

The ironic part in all of this is that some of the hateful comments directed to her were just as shocking as her use of the K***r. I guess some of these people were never taught that 2 wrongs do not make a right. 

I for one was not really that offended by Jessica's remarks especially when I did not know why she typed those words to begin with. 

The usage of such demeaning and divisive words should unequivocally not be condoned. However, let us not act all high and mighty here now that Jessica said hers in a public platform.

She was absolutely wrong and should take responsibility for it. However, berating her and calling her names only serves to prove that some provocation will incite such derogatory response. 

In her website she wrote an explanation of her actions, which reads: 
"I tweeted rather irresponsibly about an incident, using a harsh and unkind word about the gentleman who had confronted me with sexual remarks and sounds."

She also explains that she does not believe so many would be angered by her words if they had been there to witness her encounter with the "gentleman" in question.  
"It is no surprise that my comment has offended many people and for this, I am apologetic."
Unfortunately her apology came a little too late. FHM editor Brendan Cooper announced minutes later on the men's magazine's website that Jessica has been stripped of her title. 
FHM was appalled by Jessica Leandra Dos Santos’ racist Tweets and would like to formally announce that she has been stripped of her title as winner of the FHM Modelbook 2011 competition with immediate effect. 
It’s important to us that it is noted that she in no way represents the magazine; she was merely the winner of an online poll we ran, and that we totally distance ourselves from her blatantly racist comments. We have removed all pictures of her from our website and will have nothing to do with her in future. 
FHM is a proudly South African magazine and say ‘No’ to racism. 
Brendan Cooper
Editor FHM
Quick Trim SA has also withdrawn their sponsorship of the model since the news of her tweets went viral. 

Personally I think this is a little bit blown out of proportion. Then again maybe I have been discriminated and have had derogatory terms hurled at me so much that I am immune to it. 

What I do know is that when someone really pisses me off I do say things that I later regret hence I would rather walk away from a situation to avoid such if I can.


Just when I was willing to give the girl the benefit of the down this surfaces:

Turns out Jessica is in deed a racist girl who deems herself superior to everyone. So sad. 

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Anonymous said...

I have had petrol attendants whistle & call me embarrasing names, it has never prompted me to in turn be disrespectful as well. She's a celebrity & should know better than to say such on twitter or anywhere else. She is what they've called her, o sele ngwanyana o, hao!

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