Introducing ZA Fund

Some people sit around and complain about not having opportunities in life to better their lives. Some burn tyres on the streets to get the attention of our leaders to provide those opportunities. Others take control of their own destiny and do something about setting the wheels in motion for them to achieve their dreams. 

I am happy that 2 of my friends and I got tired of moaning about not having the finances to pursue our dreams and funding our projects. We have decided to do something about it and are helping you to realise the same dream too. 

I have teamed up with my friends Litha Booi and Alutha Makhate to launch a site that will give every South African a chance to make their dreams a reality with the help of other fellow South Africans. 

Introducing ZA FUND. 

Crowdfunding is the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money in order to support worthwhile projects of individuals or organisations.

These include community development efforts, art projects, medical initiatives to help people in need, and many more.

 Sometimes taking the conventional route of getting funding can cause a whole lot of setbacks delays and eventually allow your great idea to be nothing more than an idea.

ZA_Fund is designed to take the strain away from raising funding by creating a profile and allowing people to fund all your ideas.

If you have a great idea and have nowhere else to go then try ZA_Fund and allow your community to kick-start your initiative

ZA_FUND is a free online platform that allows any individual to contribute to any venture they desire.

Become part of South Africa's future!

Though this initiative is designed to help anyone with any need for funding when it comes to the entertainment industry, for me it is about taking the power away from corporate and boardroom bureaucracy.

It is time that creativity be given a chance to blossom without the burden of bowing down to "the suits" because they provide the financing.

I urge you guys to support us in this venture and help build a better futures you, me and every young South African out there with a dream.

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