Miss Lira In Italian Men Vogue Mag

South African songstress Lira appears in the May issue of L'Uomo Vogue. The monthly magazine is the equivalent to the Men's Italian Vogue and this special issue is entirely dedicated to the continent of Africa.

“I had such a good time shooting, and it was only two pictures for the eventual spread, but it was nice to have fun and not be so serious all the time.”

“The questions they asked were the exact questions I like to be asked. They wanted to know where we were as South Africa, and where we were going. 
“It was like: ‘You come from a country we know for apartheid, but who are you now and what’s the future looking like?’.” 
“I hate the perception that Africa is disease-infested and poor. This was another opportunity to say that my generation is changing all that – we’re educated, ambitious, intelligent and global players,” said Lira.

The male-oriented equivalent of the influential Vogue magazine, featured  UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon on its cover.

"Africa does not need charity. Africa needs investment and partnership. Joining forces with civil society and private sector, including non-traditional players, like the fashion industry, has become indispensable. Sustainable development is my top priority", stated UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who appears on the cover.

The issue has been widely acclaimed, with much credit going to editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani for focussing on aspects of Africa often ignored in the press.

Personally I am not too crazy about the pictures but very proud of our girl Lira. By the way, whoever is doing Lira's PR is doing a fantastic job. 

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