Will Smith Slaps A Guy For Kissing Him

Word Is: Hollywood star Will Smith has slapped a male television reporter who tried to kiss him before the Moscow premiere of "Men in Black III."

The reporter from the Ukrainian television channel 1+1 approached Smith on the red carpet, put his hand on the actor's shoulder and tried to kiss him.

Smith pushed him away and then slapped him lightly across the cheek with the back of his left hand.

It was not clear whether reporter Vitalii Sediuk intended to kiss Smith on the cheek or on the lips.

In any case, Smith appeared shocked by the journalist's behavior at Friday night's premiere in the Russian capital.

- Reported Associated Press

Lol, ok the incident is grossly exaggerated by the media. Will didn't really bitch-slap the dude but anyone would be a little taken aback by some stranger coming that close to your face. 

One can excuse the journo's behaviour by the fact that he is European and they do the whole kiss on the cheek thing when they greet someone but etiquette would warrant that you know the person for you to get that "intimate' with him, excuse the pun. 

So, before the gay brigade start hating on Will just ask yourself how comfortable you would be if some stranger just came that close to you. 

Anyway it's not like Will hates smooching guys ...

Kevin James kissed him in "Hitch"

He also kissed and had a nude sex scene with a guy in the movie, Six Degrees Of Separation. 

Then there was the famous lip smacking with Letterman during an interview. 

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