Mr Gay South Africa 2012 Entries Open

Ok every year when there is a story in the media about Mr Gay SA you will get black gay guys complaining that there has never been a black Mr Gay SA. There are always excuses on both sides. The organisers say blacks do not enter the competition, black gays say they never get info about the competition. Well, this is it...

Entries for Mr. Gay South Africa 2012/2013 have opened, the winner of which will represent South Africa in August 2013 in Antwerp , Belgium at Mr Gay World 2013 to build on the two winning titles and first-runner up place South Africa has achieved in the past three years. Mr. Gay World 2013 will form part of the cultural programme at the 2013 World Out Games.

Coenie Kukkuk, director of operations said:
“The rules are strict and the competition is tough. We would not have won Mr. Gay World twice and first runner-up this year if it was not. There is no reason that we can not win it for a third time – and we have to do well as all eyes are always on ‘the South African’!”
Kukkuk said further that the competition is also a great deal of fun and the experiences the finalists will have will stay with them forever. Each finalist automatically wins a break-away week from 2 – 6 Dec. 2012 at a five star venue and for the Grand Finale weekend of 7 & 8 December in Pretoria. 

All finalists will win and receive lots of prizes and goodies from sponsors as well as individual prizes such as Model of the Year and prizes for the top five. The total prize value last year exceeded R300 000. 

Finalists will also be flown to Joburg Pride during the first weekend of October 2012 as well as the break away week and to the Grand Finale in Pretoria on 8 Dec. 2012 (provided the sponsors are found!). 

They will be staying in luxurious accommodation and be wined and dined. An experience of a lifetime!

Reigning Mr Gay SA: Lance Meyer

Candidates for Mr. Gay South Africa™ 2012/2013 are advised to read the rules and instructions carefully before filling in the entry form, as national judging are done on written submissions regarding LGBTI rights questions on the entry form as well as their photos – see the entry form here: .

Regional finals will also be conducted later in the year in Cape Town , Durban and Pretoria and in Mpumalanga .

Fifteen finalists will be announced at the annual auction dinner on the evening before Joburg Pride on 6 October and will be introduced to the crowds at Pride the next day.

See ‘Entry Form’ on for the rules and instructions and enter after careful study.
Mr Gay SA 2011
Now if you really want to be in the competition ENTER and avoid moaning about racism later when some blue eyed hottie becomes another Mr Gay SA! :)

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