My Answer About Lights Camera Fashion

Firstly thank you very much for your compliments. I appreciate your support and kind words. I can not write for Bonang but I know that she is equally appreciative of her fans' support. 



The entire team behind Lights Camera Fashion takes our viewers' feedback seriously. The show can only get better if we acknowledge our viewers and take what they have to say seriously. 

You are absolutely correct in thinking that I did not write about the show on my blog simply because it would have been a conflict of interest. I try to be unbiased in what I write though I have given my opinions on Bonang and now I am working for her. 

It is a tricky situation to do what I do and still have to work with some of these stars but a lot of them appreciate the fact that my blog is not about settling scores or trying to bring anybody down just for the sake of attention. 

I will be very honest with you. My involvement in the show was limited to researching, compiling and sourcing material that was used in the show. I was not involved in conceptualizing the show therefore had no say in how the show would be shot. 

When I got the call from B* the ball had already been rolling and she just wanted me to come in and assist her on the production content side. 

After the show we had a lot of feedback from the viewers. I do concede the issue of not having enough fashion on the show came up a few times. Obviously at this moment I can not speak for the producers but on my personal capacity do agree that we could have covered it more extensively. 

However, I think our viewers need to understand that the show is not a fashion show. It is called Light Camera Fashion for a reason. The aim is to cover the red carpet for these award show therefore we try and cover every aspect of the build up to the red carpet and the main event. 

You will have noticed that we had an insert where Bonang went backstage and covered some of the rehearsal events leading up to the live SAMA show. 

If you asking what then makes Lights Camera Fashion different from any other magazine show that covers these events, I can tell you that we aim to give you the full story. 

Lights Camera Fashion is about you the viewers. In terms of the fashion we aim to get you the information you would be interested in. We will let you know about the designers that dress the stars on the red carpet and also get you exclusive interviews with the stars about what they will be wearing and their excitement about the awards. 

We were the only show that followed some of the stars when they went to go fit their outfits for the SAMAs. We were able to give you information about the history of the fashion at the awards and we made sure you got to see what an experience on the Yellow Carpet must be like. 

Granted, we could never please everybody but we strive to make the show as entertaining for you as possible. 

For me personally, I know that a lot of you guys tuned in to see the fashion and the way we shoot the interviews could be a lot more accommodating of that. 

From my capacity as a TV lover, viewer and blogger, I would say that the camera needed to showcase the clothes more especially on interviews that focused on the outfit the stars were wearing. 

The SAMA coverage was our first episode so with the next show we will definitely be looking into ironing out any issues that might have come up with the first one. 

I can assure you that I will make sure I put your concerns forward when we working on the next show. I already know what would have to happen to solve the fashion coverage issue without taking away anything from what the show is about. 

Bonang as the executive producer is not utilitarian about what should be in the show. She trusts and values my opinion that is why I am there, so rest assured that she will be happy to listen to your concerns and my suggestions. 

Thank you again for your support and feedback. I hope with this I was able to address your concern. Of course I was coming from my own personal stand point but I'm sure Bonang Matheba Entertainment and New Vision Pictures would have been just as appreciative of your feedback and responded in the same tone as well. 

Keep watching, we'll be back soon!!


Mpumi Gasa said...

Gosh Phil I just love you. People like aboBonang are blessed to have someone like you in their lives. I heard Nambitha talking about you in an interview. You are such a breath of fresh air. You something else baba. Please dont let the success change you.

Anonymous said...

We Phil you must be the most famous "unknown" person in SA entertainment. I heard my sista and her friend talking abt you and her friend kept asking her who this Phil Mphela is. My sista told her Phil from TVSA but the problem is that you not on TVSA anymore so the poor kid was lost. Of course I helped them Lol

Anonymous said...

From my capacity as a TV lover, viewer and blogger, I would say that the camera needed to showcase the clothes more especially on interviews that focused on the outfit the stars were wearing.

You are so right! I bemoaned this when I watched the show. On the red carpet, we don't want to hear about what their next project is etc....we are interested in seeing the outfit including the shoes and the clutch bags if possible. Do it E-style. Make them turnaround and show us the whole outfit from top to bottom

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