New Show: Mzansi Love is bringing a new drama series called, Mzansi Love,  which is set to start on the channel towards the end of July or August. The show promises to bring some sexiness back into SA television. 

Better not get all excited yet. You know how South Africa is. Their idea of sexy is Thomas Gumede!!. Do we actually have sexy male actors in this country?

I hope the show will at-least introduce some new faces on our screens. I am tired of flipping from SABC to Etv and DSTV channels just to see the same faces on all those channels. Surely there are other actors in Mzansi that could bring some fresh blood to this stale run. 

Mzansi Love is based on the so-called "Nollybooks" - the "African" version of the pink romance novels made famous by publisher Mills & Boon.

In this genre dashing, handsome fellows lovingly pursue beautiful maidens after which follows over-the-top sexy time with thrusts and all kinds of sweaty, embraceful and torridly tempestuous human movements as two people find themselves in the throes of passion.

Moky Makurau who basically launched he African genre is working with on the show currently in production.

So what will make this show different from 4Play which plays on the same channel? Well for starters, Mzansi Love is said to be about the guys!

I don't know, I'm a bit on the fence about this so I will just wait to see the show before I can react!!

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