No Show For Zanele Mbokazi On SABC 1

Blogs and media coverage carried a story few weeks ago that the controversial 'christian' socialite Zanele Mbokazi will have a show on Sabc 1 that will start this past Monday, 11th June at 17h30. If you tuned in you would have seen that there was no Zanele on the channel. 

Instead SABC 1 broadcast repeats of Gospel Gold at 17h30. No word from the channel on what happened to the show. 

Personally I always steer clear of writing about the SABC's new shows because they can turn you into a liar. 

Often they will put out press releases for shows they have not fully acquired yet. Where is Wendy Williams that was supposed to replace Oprah? 

You would think an organisation that big would be more careful about the image of their brands by not making promises that are never fulfilled, but no. 

Sometimes premiere dates will suddenly be pushed back and journos and bloggers are left with egg on their faces for giving their readers wrong time slots and/or dates

So what happened to Khwezela No Zanele Mbokazi ?!

*Thanks to Xoli Nkuna for the heads-up

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