Sisanda Henna Dumped Off A Show For Howza

If you watched All You Need Is Love You will have noticed a change in the host. After just 3 episode on air SABC1 and Endemol South Africa has replaced the presenter Sisanda Henna with Kwaito Star Tshepo Mosese also known as  Howza.

I guess after the initial shock at the news one can appreciate the fact that Endemol takes its viewers seriously. It is also a comforting thought to know that SABC1 is getting off its high horse and looking to their viewers for direction.

Let's face it, the channel's track record leaves a lot to be desired in terms of keeping presenters or shows that are just ... crap!  

SABC1’s viewer response to the first few episodes of the show led the channel to review the delivery of the initial host and a decision was taken to release him from his responsibilities as presenter. 

I have never met Sisanda but I have met Howza a couple of times and interviewed her a while back. Sisanda seems like a nice guy but there is just something about Howza that makes you want him to be your brother, boyfriend or husband. 

With that I do not blame the SABC1 and Endemol for going for him when Sisanda did not connect with the audience. 

Quick question though; Isnt the show more about the stories of the guests than it is about the presenter? 

Do you care who is presenting All You Need Is Love, or do you tune in to see the guests' stories? 

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Unknown said...

Honestly Sisanda wasn't good in terms of his presenting skills(should have asked Bonnie a few pointers). He should stick to acting or whatever else he does

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