The Skinny Coming To South Africa

He's back. "The Gay Tyler Perry" (as he calls himself) Patrik Ian Polk and is back with another film that is sure to be a must see for all his fans here in Mzansi. 

The creator of the hugely popular series Noah's Arc within the invisible world wide demographic of black gay men has a new film following the Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom. The new movie is called The Skinny. 

The Skinny is set in New York City and is about five young blacks over the course of a four-day weekend.

Magnus, Sebastian, Kyle, Joey and the lesbian of the crew, Langston, are group of Brown University alums that decide to reunite in NYC a year later and celebrate gay pride together... among other things! 

Like its Patrik Ian Polk predecessor Noah's Arc the film is said to have plenty of interesting twists and some eye-candy. 

Judging by the reviews on American blogsites though, the movie is no masterpiece. Reviewers have criticised the acting and lack of depth in the plot. 

One reviewer went as far as to call the movie a PSA on how to have sex and the danger of HIV/AIDS for young gay men. 

Ok ... in plain terms there is a lot of sex and gory details about what gay men have to go through for sex. If you catch my drift. 

However, Noah's Arc was no critic favourite either but I have not a met any black gay men who has seen it and not loved it. 

I had the pleasure of watching Noah's Arc Jumping The Broom at its premiere on SA big screen at Out In Africa and I can attest that it had the entire cinema in stitches. There were also the occasional Hmmms and Oohs every time "Wade" took off his shirt. 

With that I am certain that The Skinny's core demographic audience will appreciate it more than mainstream audiences. 

For Noah's Arc fans, two actors from the show will make an appearance on The Skinny and they are; Daryl Stephens who plays Noah in both the series and the movie as well as Wilson Cruz who played Ricky's boyfriend Junito

I can exclusively tell you that the director Patrik Ian Polk confirmed during our chat on Twitter 2 weeks ago that he will be bringing The Skinny to South Africa during the Out In Africa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.


Side note: Daryl Stephens was a guest at the OIA Festival here in South Africa a couple of years ago and partied with the show's fans at Simply Blue (The first one that was on Juta Street) in Braamfontein.

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