Sophie Ndaba And Pastor Harrington Call It Quits

I do not usually cover rumours or gossip on personal lives of local stars but I just had to share this latest shocker with you guys since you have shown so much interest in Sophie's impromptu marriage to the Bishop. 

If the latest murmur around the rumour mill are to be believed, barely 6 months (much to the surprise many and horror of some) after Sophie Ndaba said "I do" to Bishop  Harrington in a lavish wedding that sent shock waves across Mzansi and abroad, the couple has ended their marriage. 

Before the couple could sweep the confetti from the floor there were already rumours, accusation and downright scandalous claims being made about the groom's character. All of which was vehemently denied and refuted as malicious character assassination. 

The newly weds had to deal with a flood of comment on blogs and the media that the groom was nothing but a liar. Some of the naysayers to this marriage claimed that their disdain was out of concern for South Africa's TV darling, Sophie, affectionately known to million of fans as Queen from the popular soap opera, Generations. 

Judging by your comments on the article about the wedding, I anticipate that some of you will be ready to shout your "I told you so" but before you chastise the woman spare a thought for her kids and the fact that even with all the noise surrounding her marriage, you can not blame her for trying to find some happiness. 

Please note that right now this is just a rumour. No statement or confirmation from the either party's camp has been made.


Statement from Genetations Management Team
“Generations management team and Sophie Ndaba hereby sadly announced that after much soul searching and prayer, Sophie Ndaba and her husband have taken the painful decision to separate.   
While we do appreciate that Ms Ndaba and Mr Harrington are public figures, we request that, for the sake of both their children and families, this be treated as a private matter. The separation is amicable and the decision to separate, mutual. “


Anonymous said...

who didnt see that one comming?

Anonymous said...

Dats sad, they looked happy together. But anyway we all saw it coming with all those accusations from the groom's side. But Sophie must just hold in there God will provide a ture good man for her.

Anonymous said...

its sad but i think if its true its for the best

Anonymous said...

I think Sophie and Queens like are somewhat the same. They both seem to be very unlucky in love...

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for her. Love you Sophie.I know you will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Yaa only God knows dear.

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