Dallas Returns To SA Screens

After 21 years, "Dallas" returned is returning to our screens just as outlandish and over-the-top as ever. In the eighties the world came was enthralled by a dysfunctional Texan clan and an unscrupulous character called JR Ewing.

Now, in one of the biggest television series resurrections of all time, Dallas is back!

Unlike other TV classics that returned to the screen with new actors playing the original parts, the new Dallas features the real McCoy. Some of the original cast are joined by a next generation of Ewings, who drive the story line forward and take ambition and deception to a whole new level.

The show is essentially picking up where it left off, with Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy reprising their roles as J.R. and Bobby Ewing, respectively. The gorgeous Linda Gray as Sue Ellen is back as well.

In this new version, the older Ewings have spawned a new generation, with "Desperate Housewives'" Josh Henderson playing the son of J.R., John Ross, and Jesse Metcalfe portraying Bobby's adopted son Christopher.

This time around, John Ross is the oil-hungry Ewing while Christopher plans to make use of alternative energy sources.

While that may please returning fans and attract new generation to this tv classic, for some TV critics, the Ewing clan's "Dallas" may feel outdated.

"The new 'Dallas' isn't even entertaining," and "could not feel more irrelevant," critiques Salon in its review of the new show.

"To the best of its ability, the original 'Dallas' was modern, not to mention playful and salacious, whereas the new 'Dallas' is a flat reanimation of an out-of-date format."

Although USA Today also found "Dallas'" return to be wholly needless, the review did give kudos to Larry Hagman. Calling the return of the former characters "the only wise decision the show's re-creators [made]," the review adds that Hagman was, "as always ... in a class by himself." Too bad, the review noted, that he returned in an "embarrassing throwback" without anything fresh to offer.

The Hollywood Reporter was just unimpressed with "Dallas" revival, warning that even the nostalgic shouldn't revisit this long-running soap.

"This is pandering of the lowest kind," THR says in its review. "The writing is brutal and obvious, the acting is comical, and none of it is bettered by the directing ... 'Dallas' is terrible."

But the New York Post suggests that the familiar backstabbing and betrayal will win you over eventually, saying in its review that the new "Dallas" is "more ridiculous, campier, more preposterous and so totally over the top that it's skirting insanity," counting those as reasons to love the updated spin.

Now South African viewers will not have to wait too long to see how the Southfork saga continues and weigh in on the relevance of this classic's return. All thanks to DSTV's MNet channel.

M-Net’s Head of Communications, Lani Lombard, says bringing the new Dallas to pay-television viewers soon after its international debut, is underwriting M-Net’s promise to acquire the best international series available.

“If you’re old enough to remember Bobby’s miraculous resurrection in that famous shower scene or tried to answer the question ‘Who shot JR?’, you’ll understand why its such big news to have Dallas back. This new version, adapted to suit modern audiences, is bound to attract many viewers and create brand new Dallas fans."

Well you will be the judge.

Dallas will be screened on M-Net and M-Net HD at 21:00 on 28 August 2012!

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