Tina Turner Was White In South Africa

Legendary singer Tina Turner and a few other artists  became white in Mzansi for a brief period. Well, almost. 

During the turbulent time in our country's history under the former white government, politicians pulled one of the most silliest stunt to adhere to their apartheid laws. 

When the government realized the importance of black musicians playing for black audiences, they roped in a host of African American musicians including Clarence Carter, Curtis Mayfield, Millie Jackson and Tina Turner to perform in South Africa. 

They thought it would reiterate their position on racial segregation just as they thought building black people the infamous matchbox dwellings. In an attempt to carry through their plan to keep the blacks in line by bringing these Afro-Americans to our country they proclaimed the artists as Honorary Whites. 

 The proclamation gave the artists access to hotels, restaurants and other facilities otherwise prohibited to ordinary Blacks. 

Proof of the lengths to which politicians will stoop to retain power instead of just doing the right thing. 

Of course now we are a democratic country and the black politicians in power are willing to pay American artists millions of rands in a face of abject poverty among most South Africans just to buy face and we gladly ogle at the stars and keep voting them in. 

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