Hi guys

Just introduced a new feature that we hope is going to bring some fun into what is fast becoming a dull face in our entertainment industry. Tired of the drama! This industry is about fun, though we value and acknowledge the seriousness of the craft as a business, we cant help but play a little.

In that spirit, we introduce Perv Or Purge. In this feature we will introduce you to young stars in the industry who are not necessarily A-List but we believe they deserve the recognition we give A-Listers. It is all about fun and though their work in the industry is what will get them on our radar, we also will pay attention to how they look and present themselves as potential stars.

The only catch is that YOU will have to decide whether they have what it takes to be A-Listers by choosing whether we should Perv them or just Purge them!

Perv - means they are worth following

Purge - means they are not cutting it

Lets have fun. Our first candidate is actor, Luzuko Nteleko . To nominate future candidates just email,

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