Meet The Producers

Word is that the Masina twins, Hlelo and Ntando, will be adding another title to their long list of accomplishment in the entertainment industry. 

Bonang Matheba led this evolution by being the first to open her own production company and producer her own show. 

Now the Twinz are following suit. Hlelo and Ntando will not only be billed as the stars of their hugely successful reality show Blame It On Fame come Season 2. 

The twosome will also be billed as PRODUCERS. 

Sisters are definitely doing it for themselves. The ladies in this industry have taken the reigns and are taking charge of their careers and the future of this business. 

Gone are the days of one just being happy about being a celeb while other people are making lots of money off of your talents. 

Congrats to Hlelo and Ntando for this milestone in their career. Hopefully this the beginning of more bigger things because with the opportunity to produce your own shows comes that precious creative freedom a lot of people in this business would die for. 


omphile said...

we know u besties with bonang but she isnt the first young lady to have their own production company.precious kofi,nonhle,nicky greenwall.u love bonang too much.congrats to the twins.

PhilMphela said...

Hi Omphile,

In the context of what this article is about, yes Bonang was the first to do it. Nonhle's company has never had her produce a show for her. I know that her company did one of Liquid Deep's video. But her reality show was not produced by her or her company, as far as I know.

Precious, I do not know much about her but thanks for the info bacuase now I know that Kofi Productions produced her show "Precious Africa".

As far as Nicky is concerned. I did not really put her in the same category with the Bonang and Masina Twins.

Thanks for the info though. I don't know everything and am always happy to learn.

omphile said...

okay ,no the blog.wish u could update more often.

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